Violet Evergarden: Season 2 – What You Should Know 

Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is among the few anime that defined the slice-of-life genre, and though the series has been a massive hit, no word on a continuation has been given till now. Besides the one season, the franchise also has multiple feature films that cover different side stories as well as what transpires after Season 1. So even though much of Violet’s journey has been shown, fans wouldn’t mind revisiting the series in Violet Evergarden: Season 2.

Action and adventure anime have been rising in number more than usual recently, and though that may be pleasant news for some, fans of the laid-back story-driven category have been let down. That’s why Violet Evergarden: Season 2 seems more like a need of the hour at this moment rather than something that’s just a casual demand, and although information about the second season is scarce, here’s a look at everything we know so far.


When Is Violet Evergarden: Season 2 Coming Out?

Sadly, Kyoto Animation has not confirmed that Violet Evergarden: Season 2 is in development, so as such, there’s no release date for the anime right now. Still, the anime remains one of the best steampunks out there, and though speculating a second season may be a stretch, you could eventually see it arrive sometime during 2024 at the earliest.

Violet Evergarden: The Movie practically wrapped up what the storyline had to offer, so technically a follow-up seems a difficult thing to imagine. But the anime is one that’s inspired a huge following, so maybe Kyoto Animation might actually give the fans what they want.


What Is Violet Evergarden: Season 2 About? (Spoiler Alert)

The first season of the anime ended with Violet finally coming to terms with Gilbert’s death. Later, the second movie continued the story by revealing that Gilbert survived the war and was alive all this time. The pair eventually reunited, and Violet resigned from her post at the CH Postal Company to go and live with Gilbert.

The story of the movie was a completely original script and did not correspond with any of the Light Novel volumes. Keeping that in mind, if Violet Evergarden: Season 2 does happen it’ll be a completely original story, so we can’t say what it could be about. Although considering that Violet and Gilbert are finally together now, it’ll likely be about how their life plays out moving forward.


Which Studio Is Making Violet Evergarden: Season 2?

Kyoto Animation has been behind animating the first season and the two movies. The second season should also presumably lie with Kyoto as well unless the anime gets rebooted— which is highly unlikely.

Kyoto Animation is an expert when it comes to bringing out the best in anime that are more emotionally driven, as can be seen with how amazingly they visualized Hyouka. So if Violet Evergarden: Season 2 does fall into their lap once again, we doubt anyone would argue.


Where Will Violet Evergarden: Season 2 Be Aired?

Officially, Netflix is the major distributor for the anime and movies, so that’s your go-to spot if you’re looking to watch some Violet Evergarden. Although if that doesn’t work out, head over to Funimation as their streaming quality is just as good.

Violet Evergarden: Season 2 might not be in the works right now, but the franchise is one that doesn’t have stunning fights or superpowers, yet is still able to capture your attention. So while you wait for the sequel, be sure to check out the movies for the post-Season 1 story if you’re not caught up.

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