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Despite it being a part of the PlayStation experience since the PS3, Sony revealed that there wouldn’t be a web browser for the PS5, upsetting a few people in the process. While the rise of smartphones and other tech has made console browsers somewhat obsolete, they still serve a purpose for plenty of players, especially when it comes to looking up game guides and other, erm, “extracurricular” stuff.

Luckily, there’s a workaround to get a browser working on your PlayStation 5 that was first discovered by u/D_Ashido, though you will need a friend. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better than nothing.

Here’s all the steps you need to use a browser on your PS5.


How To Browse The Web On PlayStation 5

Send a message or have a friend send you a message to a search engine, such as

PlayStation 5 browser
PlayStation 5 browser

Click on that link and then simply search for whatever you want. It seems that the PS5’s browser supports HTML5 so you should have no issues reaching most sites, including video sites like YouTube and others. Can we recommend, the best website ever made?

Once you’re on the site you want, you can even pin it to the side so that you can keep looking at it while you play a game. Do so by pressing the options button and then scrolling down until you see “pin to side”. This is super helpful if Game Help isn’t giving you the info you need, or if you just want to look at an image of the best video game villain ever.

PS5 Web Browser

Important to note that once you press back or exit the browser, there’s no way to return to exactly where you were, so you will have to click the link in your messages again and start afresh.

Again, it’s not the perfect replacement for an app or built-in function on PS5, but it does the job until Sony add a browser natively. They’ve previously mentioned that they’ll consider properly implementing a web browser for PlayStation 5 if the demand is there, so watch this space.

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