PSA: Titanfall 2 Available For Pennies On The UK PlayStation Store

£3.99 for one of the best FPS campaigns ever made? Sounds like a fair bargain.

Titanfall 2

If you, like 50 million others, have been enraptured by Apex Legends since it launched a month ago, you can’t go wrong with this deal for Titanfall 2, Respawn’s previous game that never really received the spotlight it deserved.

Titanfall 2 is up for grabs for £3.99 as of this time of writing for its Standard Edition. The Ultimate Edition is just the pound more expensive at £4.99, which may annoy anyone who splashed the extra cash on it in 2016. The Ultimate Edition is mainly cosmetics, so save your quid if you don’t feel like going mad and ruining your Christmas budget.

The value here is crazy, though Titanfall 2 has admittedly always been heavily discounted in the years since its release. It infamously underpowered in terms of sales despite being a critical success, which many believe is down to EA sending it out between that year’s Call of Duty (I want to say Infinite Warfare?) and Battlefield 1.

titanfall 2
Pictured: Sweet princes

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For £3.99, you get to experience one of the best FPS single-players campaigns of all-time — there’s one sequence in it in particular that is just exceptional — and multiplayer that is still fairly popular. Having taken advantage of the deal myself after selling my disc copy long ago, I’m intrigued to see if Apex Legends has made more people return to or discover this severely underrated gem.

Curiously, the Ultimate Edition is also reduced to £6.25 on the Micrsoft Store for Xbox One, but the Standard Edition remains full price.

From our Titanfall 2 review:

“At the risk of getting hyperbolic, it’s an incredible experience from the ground up that should be played by anyone who loves a first-person shooter with ambition and heart. It’s on another level to its predecessor and almost all of its rivals.”

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