Superhot Standalone Expansion Mind Control Delete Hitting Steam Early Access


Superhot Team have announced that their smash hit first person shooter Superhot is getting its own standalone expansion, titled Mind Control Delete, which is entering Steam Early Access today.

The expansion looks to build on the foundations of the original Superhot by adding roguelike elements, such as random challenges and enemies, along with new playable characters. When the full game launches, you can expect the following (according to Steam):

– A long, deep story to expand the Superhot universe and reveal a few of the secrets hidden by the system< - Multiple new enemy types, smarter and more powerful to keep you on your toes despite all of the new awesome abilities and powers - Heaps of power-ups and gameplay modifiers to make each procedurally generated run unique and push you into different playstyles

– Many more unlockable Minds, each with their own skills and gameplay mechanics

The full version of the game is apparently a full year away, so it’ll be a long time before the full package comes together. Though Mind Control Delete will be free to current Superhot players eventually, you have to pay to play the Early Access build, though the fee isn’t currently known. The dev team has said it will be cheaper during this Early Access phase, so there’s that.

If you’re new to the whole Superhot thing, the dev team have also said that you should probably go play the original game before trying Mind Control Delete: “The game will be a totally standalone experience in a few updates, but the lack of clear structure and story right now would be confusing for newcomers.”

Also, like all Early Access games, Mind Control Delete isn’t indicative of the final experience, and Superhot Team are quick to remind players of that: “The initial release will be quite awkward and unbalanced. It won’t give you any new enemy types to beat up and features only vanilla powerups until we get the base game balance just right.”

There’s been no word yet on whether or not Mind Control Delete will find its way to consoles in the future, but we’re crossing our fingers just in case. Check out the trailer for the expansion below.

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