Street Fighter 6 World Tour – JP Master Guide

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Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter’s baddies have been some of the most iconic villians in video gaming history, with M. Bison coming to mind specifically. The evil train car conductor has been a core part of the franchise for a while, but Street Fighter 6 has introduced a new vessel for Psycho Power in the form of JP, who’s arguably twice as devious as his predecessor.

The head of a global NGO, JP puts forward a facade of benevolance, but in reality, he radiates smug evil from every pore. His fighting style is also pretty evil too, as he utilises lots of projectiles designed to keep opponents at bay. JP’s tricky fighting style is quite difficult to get to grips with, but in the right hands, JP can decimate any opponent, making him a great master to train under. If you want to learn JP’s secrets and become even more powerful, here’s how to become JP’s student in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode.


Street Fighter 6 World Tour | JP Master Guide

You’ll first encounter the new master of Psycho Power at the end of Chapter 14, when you’re sneaking into the Suval’Hal Arena atop of Mt. Vashal in Nayshall. After sneaking from the Resistance Base into the arena, you’ll enter the arena’s trophy room and encounter JP himself. After a brief cutscene with Street Fighter 6’s newest villain, he’ll tell you to leave and prepare for the upcoming Suval’Hal Martial Arts Tournament.

In order to actually make him your master, you’ll need to finish the World Tour mode, which means you’ll have to enter into the Martial Arts tournament, win it, and at the conclusion, defeat JP himself. After watching the credits roll, make your way back to Nayshall at night, then fast travel to the Suval’Hal arena. At the south end of the park in front of the arena, you’ll find JP stood waiting for you. Speak to him, and declare your intention to become even stronger, and you’ll have found the last master you need in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode.

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