Stray: Where To Find All Plants (Red, Purple, Yellow)

Stray Malo

Players can collect three different plants in Stray for Malo in Antvillage to earn themselves the Plant Badge. The Red Plant, Purple Plant, and Yellow Plant are all in the chapter.

Each plant is fairly close to each other, so there’s no need to venture out too far. Here’s where you can find all of the plants in Stray.

Red Plant
The Red Plant can be found by getting to the couple of robots playing mahjong that you’ll need to interrupt for the Cat-a-strophe trophy. Jump up on the wooden railing, then jump into the metal bucket and descend. Hope across the water near the other robots and claim the Red Plant.

Purple Plant
The Purple Plant is the easiest one to be found, as it’s located on a large branch near Isaac, who’s sat on a couch watching TV on the lower levels, which is also near a memory. Simply walk up the branch and then collect the plant with square.

Yellow Plant
The Yellow Plant is the easiest plant to miss in Stray. Get to the bar in the upper levels, then keep going right past it until you find a small ledge. Jump out onto this ledge, then scoop up the Yellow Plant that you find.

Take all of the plants back to Malo and then they will give you the Plant Badge, which is a cosmetic item that you will need for 100% completion and the Platinum trophy.

Stray is available on PC, PS5, and PS4.

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