Starfield: Where To Find Tetrafluorides


Tetrafluorides (or xF4) are a rare tier 2 resource you’ll occasionally come across during your playthrough across the stars in Starfield. It’s used for a variety of crafting recipes and is a resource more commonly used in various pharmaceutical research projects.

Obtaining this resource can be tricky when you don’t know where to look, but a few planets and moons among the 1000 planets in Starfield house Tetrafluoride. Luckily, you can find this resource early in your playthrough if you are in dire need. Here are a few locations that have Tetrafluoride:

  • Sumati (Narion System)
  • Cragg (Cheyenne System)
  • Procyon III-a (Procyon A System)
  • Tau Ceti III (Tau Ceti System)
  • Charybdis VII-b (Charybdis System)
  • Newton II (Newton System)

Once you arrive at any of these locations, you’ll want to use your hand scanner to explore the surface. Doing so will highlight the Tetrafluoride seep from afar, allowing you to find the resource faster.

Once you do find the Tetrafluoride seep, simply interact with the resource to obtain it. Be careful not to stand in its aura for too long, since it will damage you over time and can lead to some negative status effects.

For a more short-term solution, you can purchase it from a variety of vendors across the settled systems. A few vendors you can access early in your playthrough are:

  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis Spaceport)
  • UC Distribution Center (New Atlantis Commercial District)
  • Midtown Minerals (Akila City)
  • Mining League (Neon)
  • Denis Averin (Cydonia on Mars)

You’ll need a fair bit of Tetrafluoride to complete all pharmaceutical research projects and then some to craft recipes, so buying in bulk is advised if you are going down this route. Credits are easy to get, so if you’re running short, play the game a little more, and you’ll have the money.

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