Spider-man Snarks, Webs and Kicks His Way Through New PS4 Gameplay at E3 2017

Insomniac's take on your friendly neighborhood web-slinger shows off a decent chunk of gameplay footage.

Spiderman brought his special brand of humor and acrobatic, web-slinging fisticuffs to a new gameplay clip shown off at the close of Sony’s press briefing this evening.

Recent Daredevil TV baddie Wilson Fisk makes his return to Spidey’s domain over comm link, as Spiderman beats up some thugs and saves Fisk’s workers before demanding information on the thugs’ leader from him.

The trailer then shows a chase through the city after said threat’s helicopter, rife with suspicious quick-time events and fun-looking navigation with wall running and web-swinging.

Check it out for yourself here, and check out the stinger post-title card for a fun little reveal.


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