Spider-Man Might No Longer Be A Part of MCU

Say what?!

Spider Man Far From Home
Spider-Man: Far From Home

In an amazing twist of events that no one saw coming (I mean, did you?), Deadline reports that Kevin Feige and team will no longer be involved in the production of any new Spider-Man films. This news comes after Spider-Man: Far From Home became Sony’s highest grossing movie of all time, which is definitely the result of Marvel’s inclusion and handling of the character in the MCU. So, why the split?

Apparently Disney and Sony have been in negotiations for the past few months, with Disney requesting a bigger slice of the pie, suggesting a 50-50 co-financing agreement. Sony rejected those terms, and so here we are. Fans have been up in arms, especially since they are used to seeing Spidey as part of the MCU. The split would also mean a lack of MCU characters in the Spider-Man world, which would be a difficult thing to sever considering the amount of plotlines and narratives that overlap. Spider-Man’s suit is the way it is because of Tony Stark’s tech, not forgetting that the web-slinger is a part of the Avengers as well.

There are supposedly two more Spider-Man films in the works and while Sony hopes that Spider-Man: Far From Home’s director Jon Watts will be involved, he is not under contract and therefore is not on lock-down to return. It certainly doesn’t look good for Sony, considering Feige’s track record and what he has accomplished with the MCU. Three out of four of the highest grossing movies this year were produced by him (Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home).

Only time will tell if a compromise on this decision can be reached.

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