Spec Ops: The Line Free On The Humble Store Right Now

Spec Ops

If you’ve been wondering why everyone caws about Spec Ops: The Line, a shooter from the last generation that had neither the words “Call” or “Battle” in the name, now’s your chance to find out. It’s free on Humble for the next two days.

It’s worth noting that it’s in “limited” supply, which means that once the keys are gone, they’re gone. All you need to get the game is a Humble account and a Steam account. Once you have both, add to your basket and checkout and then you will be sent an email with your key, which can then be activated on Steam. Be warned: the key may expire if not redeemed relatively quickly, so get on it.

For the unfamiliar, Spec Ops: The Line is a third-person shooter set in Dubai with a heavy emphasis on working as a squad. The action itself is pretty solid, though its story is what it’s made its name out of over the years. I won’t spoil it here, but just know that it’s one of the best you’re likely to come across in a video game.

Elsewhere on Humble, the Humble Indie Bundle 9 offers a whole bunch of good games for as little as a dollar all the way up to £9.89. The top tier gets you Superhot, which is worth buying on its own if you’re yet to play. If you want to play Mafia 3, GOD EATER 2, and Mankind Divided for just $12, time is running out to pick it up with Humble Monthly.

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