Sony Will Announce Three New PS4 Games Ahead of E3 2018

E3, one of the world’s biggest video game expos, is nearly here. Pretty soon, the biggest hardware and software developers in the gaming industry will be competing and showing off their new projects to a sea of excited fans. As expected, E3 has brought with it some pre-show reveals from several different sources. While most of these were leaks, such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Rage 2, the newest pre-E3 reveal comes directly from Sony themselves.

Sony has officially announced three new game projects will be revealed ahead of their upcoming E3 press conference, as well as a release date for an upcoming game and more information on “an eagerly anticipated game” that’s coming to the PSVR. On the official PlayStation blog, Sony posted a statement announcing that the five announcements would be revealed one at a time over the course of five days, starting on June 6 and concluding on June 10; just one day before Sony’s official E3 conference on June 11.

As to what these games are, you can only speculate at this point. With fans eagerly waiting for more information regarding Kingdom Hearts III, it’s possible that this could be the game Sony plans to announce the release date of. However, it’s more likely that they’ll announce the release date of an upcoming PS4 exclusive. It’s highly possible that Sony will look to some of its newly opened studios, such as Manchester Studio, ForwardWorks, and San Mateo Studio, to announce some new games over the course of the five days.

For now, we’ll just have to wait to see what Sony has in store for us. One thing is for sure though, this year’s E3 is shaping up to be quite the interesting event. Stay tuned for more news regarding Sony’s pre-E3 and E3 announcements, as well as other E3 related news, as we get closer to the beginning of the expo.

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