Single of the Week: Atlas Genius – ‘Molecules’

atlas genius molecules

It’s Monday morning; the weekend is officially over but your hangover certainly isn’t – not to mention that your comedown is still clinging on like a leech, only slowly peeling away as it gorges itself on your hopes, dreams, desires, and vague memories of how it felt to be happy once, in some distant place, at some distant time.

As you sit zombified, staring at whatever you should be doing like some waxwork representation of your job roll that might be found in a future museum; all is not lost. Atlas Genius are here to ‘liberate inanimate objects’ and, right now, that is you my dormant, sedentary friend – you are no different than stationary.

How will Atlas Genius liberate you? Through pulsating, electro-fuelled indie of course. The Adelaide indie rockers appear to have followed their already apparent groove and synthier leanings headlong down the dance hole and come out with an infectious and danceable electro-pop song, all the while maintaining their indie swagger; as well as boasting that certain kind of anthemic euphoria with an underlying prang of melancholic funk that Bloc Party had when Kele really got into clubbing and MDMA, plus a little bit Phoenix to boot.

‘Molecules’ is that song, it’s our Single of the Week, and it is here to liberate you husk of a human being. The weekend may be over, but that only truly means one thing; another weekend is coming.

The weekend is coming. Get ready.

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