SINGLE PREMIERE: Eyes on the Shore – ‘Wolf Runner’

Eyes on the Shore single premiere Wolf Runner

Allow us to introduce you to San Francisco five piece Eyes on the Shore. They’re not an easy act to pigeonhole; ask them to name you their influences and they’ll give you examples from blues to hip hop, surf to early rock n roll. It’s easiest to describe them as accessible and likable.

Although their new single ‘Wolf Runner’ is distinctly indie pop, there are more layers to the track. It’s bound to be the opening electro pops and swoops combined with caramel vocals that grab your attention. A welcome like this nudges you to listen on. You might be surprised to find a few rock n roll-esque riffs hidden in the track, but don’t be. Though a little jarring at first, as the song unfolds it all falls into place. Oh, and we’re absolutely certain you’ll have the song’s hooks stuck in your head before it’s even over.

Eyes on the Shore have given us a track that sizzles with potential, mixing commanding verses and silky smooth choruses.

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