Sifu: What Is Structure?

How to keep your structure intact.

Sifu protagonist

Sifu is Sloclap’s latest martial arts epic, putting players in the shoes of a kung-fu master looking to avenge the wrongful death of their master at the hands of five assassins. With martial arts at the forefront, Sifu contains a lot of mechanics and features that are a bit more complicated than other games, one of them being structure. Here’s everything you need to know about structure, and how to use it for your benefit in Sifu.


What Is Structure?

Structure is essentially a stamina/guard break meter that governs all characters that exist within Sifu. Blocking attacks using the L1 button or just taking damage will build your structure meter, and when filled, your structure will be broken, leaving you vulnerable to a huge amount of damage. The same is true with your enemies too, as breaking their structure will leave them vulnerable to a huge takedown attack.


How Can I Break An Enemy’s Structure?

Breaking an enemy’s structure is done in a few ways, the most obvious being just by beating on them. Any attack that connects, even if blocked, will have an effect on your opponent’s structure. However, if you’re feeling a bit more passive and defensive, parrying someone’s attacks also does major damage to their structure, opening them up to huge structure damage and perhaps even a takedown.


What Can I Do To Protect My Own Structure?

Parrying is a good way of preserving your own structure while decimating your opponent’s, but the main way to protect your own structure is to simply not get hit. It’s harder than it sounds, sure, but dodging attacks is a surefire way of not getting your guard broken. On top of that, there’s a few upgrades you can get from the various shrines in the game which will improve your structure.

One of the immediately beneficial upgrades is a flat upgrade to your overall structure. There’s three stages to this upgrade, and each one ensures you can do the world’s greatest turtle impression for longer than normal. There’s also another upgrade that improves structure regain on successful dodges, which means you can block some damage then dodge at a more comfortable moment, allowing your structure to recover.

Sifu is available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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