Shovel Knight Joining The Rivals Of Aether Roster

Shovel Knight

If you, like me, were a bit miffed that Shovel Knight is only joining the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster as an assist trophy, Dan Fornace and the team behind Rivals of Aether have you covered. It was revealed over the weekend that the platforming hero and darling of the indie game scene would be joining the Rivals roster next month, on Steam at least.

In the announcement trailer above, you can see how Shovel Knight works in-game, as he’s able to use his array of tools to get the best of his opponents in battle. Interestingly, by taunting, he can summon Chester to buy more upgrades using the Gems he picks up during a fight. He also has his trademark Shovel Drop, which the developers state is used as the set-up for a majority of his combos.

Shovel Knight will be available on Steam in September for $4.99, and will also come with a Troupple Pond stage from his own game. Beyond that, the team behind Rivals of Aether are planning a Definitive Edition of the game to launch in early 2019, which will include all DLC characters and more online features. For more details, check out the official Rivals of Aether blog.

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