Should You Play Darwin Project?

The gaming industry tends to move in trends. For a long while, we had a new FPS game every week after the rampant success of Modern Warfare. Not too long ago you couldn’t move on Steam without bumping into a survival game. Now it’s the turn of the battle royale to be the most talked about and played subgenre around.

Fortnite and PUBG are setting and then smashing records; you would be hard-pressed to find someone’s who’s played neither. The simple gist is that 100 players drop on a map and the last one alive is the winner. Chuck in some random chance, dynamic gameplay, and some wholesome murder and it’s no wonder why Twitch is currently buzzing with the sound of bullets.

One battle royale game that doesn’t feature any bullets –unless you have a turret, of course– is Scavenger Studios’ Darwin Project, which was recently released on Steam Early Access. It’s a much more primal affair without any massive explosions (except for nukes) and matches being tilted by just how good or bad your Show Director is.

If you’re interested, you can check out my early thoughts above, or over on our YouTube channel.

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