Shark-PG Maneater Gets A New Trailer At E3 2019

Resisting the urge to make a Baby Shark joke.


We’re really resisting the urge to make an awful Baby Shark joke here, but a new trailer has been revealed for Tripwire’s upcoming Shark-PG Maneater, which will be coming to the Epic Games Store soon. Check out the new video below, and rock out to Mississippi Queen. It’s mandatory.

The trailer introduces Scaly Pete, the villain of this story who disfigured you while you were a little baby shark. Now that you’re a growing shark, you’ve returned to chow down on the human populace, with every human you eat allowing you to upgrade your abilities further and further. There’s no release date yet, but Tripwire have said their hoping to release Maneater before the next PC Gaming Showcase.

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