Severed Steel Could Be The Next Great Indie FPS To Watch

This announce trailer has me hyped.

Severed Steel

Anyone who’s a regular follower of Cultured Vultures will know that we love a good first person shooter, with DOOM Eternal and Superhot: Mind Control Delete being two of our favourite releases from last year. However, 2021 might be offering us a new favourite; Severed Steel, which is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One at some point during Q3 2021. Check out the debut trailer at the top of the page.


So What’s The Deal With Severed Steel?

Ignoring that unintentional rhyme, Severed Steel is a fast-paced indie FPS from developer Greylock Studio and published by Digerati. You play as Steel, a woman who loses her arm in an accident and is abandoned by EdenSys, an evil mega-corporation. You know, because there’s never been a nice mega-corporations. Either way, Steel wants revenge.

The press release cites influences such as “Black, Mirror’s Edge, F.E.A.R., and Half-Life mod ‘The Specialists'”, and from watching the debut trailer, it shows. Severed Steel features plenty of acrobatic moves like flips, wallrunning, sliding over cover, diving through windows and more that the player can utilise, as well as slowing down time, in order to perform some seriously stylish moves. There’s also destructible environments, which should allow players to truly get creative. It looks like My Friend Pedro in first person, which is a pitch we’re totally okay with.


Did You Say That Steel Only Has One Arm?

Yes, and that actually factors into the gameplay. Because of the fast pace, Steel is unable to reload weapons, meaning once a clip runs dry, you’ll have to find a new one. This should force players to constantly adjust their strategies in the heat of battle. Meanwhile, her left arm has been replaced by a huge cannon, so that’s also handy. Who needs to reload when your other arm is a rocket launcher?


Who Are Greylock Studio?

Greylock is actually the work of one person, Matt Larrabee. A seasoned programmer and modder, Larrabee gained a lot of experience experimenting with the Morrowind Engine before moving onto Unreal Engine 4 and developing Severed Steel in 2019.

In the press release, Larrabee says: “I’ve always loved shooters and felt my skills as a game developer were ready for a new challenge. The core concept of an acrobatic shooter in a destructible voxel environment has persisted from the start. The intensity of the action and gameplay has increased over time thanks to feedback from testers – they have reacted positively to amplifying the combat and trimming out anything that stands in the way of that.”

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