7 Indie Music Artists You Should Check Out Now


There’s something unique about indie music that has the power to pique and capture attention. The sheer sound of it, when performed right, has the power to seep into the marrow of our bones and hold bodily power. Some songs may live as ear-worms, where others may be addicting to listen to. There are some artists that have a prominent stance in the indie genre that have sounds and styles so iconic that they aren’t to be ignored.



Hozier had been branded to his hit single “Take Me To Church” in 2014, but his success didn’t stop there. His low, vibrating notes are carried at a particular wavelength that pieces such as “Arsonist’s Lullaby,” that isn’t just trailer music for The Walking Dead, but a haunting ballad that courses through a single man’s lifetime in a number of minutes. Recognized by his sea-chanty patterns, his albums house tracks that have a sound that veers from tradition. Hozier’s melodies are exhausting but cheerful in their own dismal way. His EP isn’t only album, for the Irish musician has been silent for long periods of times that hint that he may be in the studio.


Florence + The Machine

Florence + The Machine has internalized indie music since 2007 with female vocalist. Florence’s strong and solid siren-ish vocals are impressive and gusting with the heart and soul of each melody. The band’s songs have been featured as scores for films like Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) and The Great Gatsby (2013) Their canticles speak for those who desire power and those who are hopelessly romantic. Some are enough to silence the loudest man in a room, while others have the intuition to set forth upbeat and lighthearted moods.



BORNS is the androgynous musical icon that embodies both Hozier and Florence + The Machine. Garrett Borns, otherwise known as BORNS, is armed with his high vocal range. Though he comes off as feminine, he isn’t afraid to embrace it. His sound is soaked with promises and self-validy. Each lyric is drawn out and saturated as it becomes one with the music, and permeates to the depth of reassurance. His sound may suit the cliche of the genre, coincidentally causing the likability of his tracks. BORNS is set to release his upcoming album “Blue Madonna” in early 2018.


Royal Deluxe

Royal Deluxe harnesses the heart of western-rooted music and warps it into an indie offshoot. Lyrics are calloused, with songs such as “I’m A Wanted Man” and “Dangerous” are jointed to one another and deepen the tale they tell. Even though the band is under country influence, they keep their music fresh and embedded with empowering lyrics that stand alone poetically. Their verses are longing and weighed with sorrow. They, like artists in their same genre, have been used as film score, and had tracks on The Magnificent Seven (2016).


Welshly Arms

Welshly Arms has a taste similar to Royal Deluxe, as their own track was featured in The Hateful Eight (2015). They have a thick, mourning sound with hints of Johnny Cash. Besides their trademark sound, this indie band clings to the thick, impactful twang that takes their perception of indie music and make it their own. Welshly Arms stands out amongst the genre as an easily recognizable band.


The X Ambassadors

The X Ambassadors are undeniably one of the faces of modern indie, as they’re already popularily known. They catagorize themselves and produce an authentic indie sound, and remain true to the alternative genre. Famed by their hit single “Renegades,” they often tag-teaming with underground artists and expose them as they gain more publicity. Constantly releasing new music and on tour, thye’re not to be missed as their career continues.


The Phantoms

The Phantoms cater to the same hybrid category as the X Ambassadors, yet stand alone as an alternative indie band. Their music takes aspects of punk band Fall Out Boy and the artist Hozier to meet the fine line of their style. This trio bases themselves on indie grounds and veers into punk territory, depending on the songs released and written. Their trademark song heard in the PlayStation Vue TV advert, “Watch Me,” is thier claim to fame. Though the band is still up-and-coming, The Phantoms have a promising sound and should be highly sought after.

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