Scrapped Stadia Projects Include Savage Planet 2, Hideo Kojima Project

Google's gaming division reportedly leaves numerous game projects to die on the vine

Google Stadia
Google Stadia

With news of Google’s cloud gaming division pulling away from game development and the experiment called Stadia winding down, reports have surfaced of the numerous game projects at various stages of development that will now be abandoned.

Among the halted projects are a sequel to last year’s Journey to a Savage Planet, and an apparently near-complete game with music game firm Harmonix. Apparently the Harmonix game could still be released on Stadia, since it was so close to completion.

The team behind the Journey to a Savage Planet sequel, who were previously called Typhoon and were purchased by Google last year, reportedly discovered their project’s cancellation along with the public announcement this month.

Additionally, an episodic horror game from Kojima Productions was apparently cancelled last year, as was a multiplayer action game codenamed Frontier, helmed by Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate producer Francois Pelland. The Frontier team learned of their project’s cancellation this year.

What Happened To Stadia?

The details of Stadia’s stumbling development have been laid out in detail in a recent Bloomberg report. The report lays out the numerous exorbitant expenses that may have waylaid Stadia’s chances, such as pumping “tens of millions of dollars” to secure Tripe-A hits like Red Dead Redemption II on the console and streaming service.

The future for the platform, and cloud gaming as a concept, remains unclear beyond the necessity for some form or reorganization.

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