‘Saving Christmas’ is the New Worst Film Ever on IMDb

Saving Christmas

“Put Christ Back in Christmas.”

The United States of America. A place where you can buy bullets with your morning cereal, pick up bread laced with sugar and if you make a film about Christmas with heavy amounts of Jesus Christ, some fucker will be silly enough to fund it.

Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas was always going to have a rough time of it, what with it being about the least exciting part about the festive season: religion. I almost don’t want to have to detail the synopsis for you, but here it is anyway:

“Kirk is enjoying the annual Christmas party extravaganza thrown by his sister until he realizes he needs to help out Christian, his brother-in-law who has a bad case of the bah-humbugs. Kirk’s fresh look at Christmas provides Christian the chance to see Christ is where He has always been: at the center of our Christmas celebrations and traditions.”


Unsurprisingly, the world of the internet has not been kind to the film and when you considering that Kirk Cameron was trying to bribe his fans into leaving high ratings for it, you can’t blame IMDb users for quite poetically giving it the worst rating ever on the website. At 1.3 stars out of 10, ‘Saving Christmas‘ is worse than such underrated gems as ‘Hottie and the Nottie‘ with Paris Hilton and ‘Gigli‘. Sheesh, the thing might actually be radioactive.

Let’s say nothing of  it also having a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes as well and just let the trailer below do all the talking.

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