WWE Royal Rumble: Which Superstar Has The Most Eliminations?

Do you know your Mr from your Mrs Royal Rumble?

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The Royal Rumble match is a unique exhibition of the biggest and best stars in WWE, pitting 30 male and female superstars against one another with the chance to headline WrestleMania hanging in the balance. In order to win the match, superstars must score eliminations by launching their opponents over the top rope with both of their feet then hitting the floor.

For some WWE superstars, this is an easy feat. In the past, records have been set and smashed by some of the most imposing figures in all of wrestling history. One of the most synonymous names with Royal Rumble eliminations is ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane, who first held the record of 11 eliminations during the 2001 Royal Rumble, he also almost won the whole thing before being eliminated last by ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

Kane’s record stood for 13 years, before it was broken by Roman Reigns in 2014 with 12 eliminations. Roman’s dominant performance was unexpected at the time, but laid the foundations for the incredible career he has since had.

The eliminations record was broke once more 3 years later in Saudi Arabia, during an event coined ‘The Greatest Royal Rumble’. This was an odd one, as it wasn’t a traditional Royal Rumble in the sense that the winner didn’t go on to WrestleMania to face their desired champion. They did however walk away with the most eliminations ever in a Rumble match, as well as a nice trophy. That superstar was none other than Braun Strowman, whose record of 13 eliminations remains unbeaten to this day.

As far as the Women’s Royal Rumble goes, there’s one particular superstar that stands on top of the Royal Rumble mountain, and that’s ‘The EST’ Bianca Belair. Belair took the WWE Universe by storm in her Rumble debut in 2020, entering at number 2 and going on to record 8 eliminations in total. A huge debut for Belair, who wasn’t even a member of the main roster at the time.

Will Braun’s record be topped once more in the 2021 Royal Rumble? Who do you think stands a chance at giving ‘The Monster Among Men’ a run for his money?

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