Rockstar Games Confirm Recent GTA VI Leak Is Real

That hacker's wanted level is through the roof.


You’ve probably seen and heard about it by now, but over the weekend, Rockstar Games were the victims of a malicious hack which resulted in in-development footage and source code of GTA VI spreading around the internet. After more than 24 hours, Rockstar have finally responded to the leak publicly, issuing a statement on social media.

In the statement, Rockstar Games notes that an unauthorised third party accessed the developer’s internal network to download confidential information. However, Rockstar doesn’t think this intrusion will have any impact in the running of their current live services, including GTA Online and Red Dead Online, nor will it have any long-term effects on the development of their upcoming projects.

Naturally, Rockstar are disappointed with the information regarding GTA VI leaking before they had a chance to officially unveil it, but they maintain their commitment to delivering a game that “truly exceeds your expectations”. Rockstar promises an update soon, and that they’ll properly introduce the next GTA title when it is ready to be shown off.

As for the identity of the hacker themselves, it’s been claimed by an admin on the hacking website Breached that the culprit is a 16-year-old teen from the UK, who’s been arrested for similar crimes in the past. The teen, who goes by the alias White, has been accused for being one of the leaders of the cyber-crime team Lapsus$, and has previously been responsible for hacks on Microsoft, Samsung and Nvidia. The Breached admin, pompompurin, said that White sent proof in a Telegram chat that they were responsible for the leak, before removing the evidence after the leak went viral.

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