Rock Band Fails to Hit Notes on PC

Rock band 4
Rock Band 4

Harmonix’s Rock Band: a game that empowers you as a true rock god. Because of course all rock gods strum away on plastic guitars staring into a TV screen. I can’t deny that I’ve had an affliction over the years with the series, but after the first time you’ve smashed the tracklists, Rock Band doesn’t give a lot of reasons to return.

Both Rock Band and Guitar Hero launched last year to a mixed degree. Neither game produced the same wow factor than when they first launched. Guitar Hero struck a high with Legends of Rock with Rock Band 2 being the most notable release in its series.

Much like the rock genre, sadly these games have died off. So it surprised me when they announced the re-launch of both titles last year, especially having had that feeling their time had gone.

The new releases failed to strike the right chord, with songs appearing from prequel games and doses of pop music. In Rock Band? It’s in the name. It just seems absurd that Harmonix would tease a PC release via a Kickstarter.

They essentially told PC gamers they couldn’t play unless they raise them the money to launch. To no surprise, it failed. Some games can come back from the dead in spectacular fashion through Kickstarters but the Rock Band niche has outlived itself. Harmonix needed around $1.5 million to make the port happen but only received around $790,000 from backers & investors.

This pretty much clarifies the genre is dying off. It’s a shame, but with limited routes to take the series in terms of content, I think we all knew it would happen at some point. I wouldn’t be surprised if the latest iterations of both Rock Band & Guitar Hero are the last of their kind.

Of course I could be wrong. Maybe VR could help save the day further down the line. Harmonix, if you’re reading this, that’s my idea. Or should I begin a Kickstarter? $1.5 million dollars anyone?

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