Red Dead Redemption 2 Map Leaked, Game Set Before Original

red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2’s game world has been leaked online thanks to an insider on NeoGaf.

One thing we can notice almost immediately is that it’s huge compared to the scale of the first RDR outing – this one has significantly more to it. It also includes islands, so whether that will mean that your character can swim rather than just melt when touching the sea or river is yet to be revealed.

Techradar broke the story saying their source “confirmed to us that the map is indeed the real deal, revealing that this is a “very recent” art direction map for the upcoming title.” This is one of the rare outings RDR2 has had in public. Rockstar has kept its cards close to its chest about the next chapter in the Red Dead Redemption series. More importantly Techradar’s source confirmed that RDR2 will be set “before the events of Redemption, and that the new map is just east of the one that featured in Red Dead Redemption.”

Red Dead Redemption 2

As mentioned before, the map is significantly bigger than the one in RDR, meaning that there will be much more to explore and possibly more time spent watching your horse’s ass bob up and down as you try to get from one corner of the map to the other in the quickest possible time.

I personally cannot wait for RDR2 to come out, especially now that we can see the gaming world that we will eventually adventure in. Two locations warrant further investigation for me, New Bordeaux and Siska Penitentiary. This is because the area around New Bordeaux looks more like a swamp/marshland reminiscent of New Orleans. Plus, the jail on the island just sounds cool and I can almost imagine your character having to break someone out of it at some stage during the game.

One thing to point out as everyone boards the hype train, whilst we’ve been calling the newest instalment Read Dead Redemption 2, that doesn’t mean that it will actually be called that. I rather like the RDR part but maybe something more like Red Dead Revenge or something similar. Either way I hope that RDR2 comes out sooner rather than later.

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