Ready Player One’s Early Reviews Are Looking Promising


If there’s anything the internet loves more than dog photos, it’s hating stuff — it seems to be a hobby for a lot of people to dunk on anything before they’ve even seen the finished product. With only a couple of trailers and promos, people seem to have already made their mind up on Ready Player One: Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Ernest Cline’s popular book.

It’s easy to see where the disdain comes from — it’s effectively Fan Service The Movie. The long and short of it is that it’s set in a dystopian world where its inhabitants escape reality by diving into OASIS: a place where you can be anyone you want. VR Chat has already shown what kind of nightmare this would be, but Ready Player One’s family-friendly nature means that we get nerd references aplenty instead. Could you imagine watching an hour and a half of tiny memes spitting at Elsa from Frozen?

With its wide release coming soon, Ready Player One premiered at SXSW and seemed to blow plenty of people in attendance away. The general consensus seems to be that, yeah, it panders like nobody’s business to its audience, but it’s a damn good time nonetheless.

Of course, as with almost everything ever created, there were some negative opinions about the movie:

If you’re curious about Ready Player One and want to find out for yourself, it opens worldwide on March 29th. Personally, as a fan of the book (while also being fully aware of its faults), I’m cautiously optimistic. I appreciate the need for deviations from the source material, so here’s hoping it delivers.

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