RAW RECAP: That Rollins vs. Ambrose Finish Was So Dumb

Seth Rollins championship

Last night on the last Monday Night Raw before the brand split, Seth Rollins took on Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It’s a contest we’ve seen a lot over the past two years, but it still remains fresh. This most recent match was shaping up to be one of the best in the rivalry until this happened.

Both men pinned each other at the same time off a superplex, leading to Seth Rollins being crowned the champion by Stephanie McMahon. Bemused, the WWE Universe were told to switch over to the WWE Network to find out what happened.

Turns out that it was a draw, meaning that the status quo returned and that Dean Ambrose was still the champion. After so much confusion and bickering, the only question is a simple one.


Having such a screwy finish accomplishes absolutely nothing apart from making Dean Ambrose look like a bit of an imbecile. Well, that and the fact that the WWE Network had more viewers. It really isn’t worth ruining what could have been a seriously fantastic match, though.

Having Steph trying to assert her authority over Shane is fine, but don’t do it during a championship match. The squabbles of the McMahons have overshadowed actual entertainment far too often in the past, so let’s hope that this isn’t the first of many instances where forced sibling rivalry interferes with actual talent.

The brand split, or as the WWE like to call it, the extension draft, is going on tonight on the first ever episode of Smackdown Live. Stay tuned to Cultured Vultures for all the updates.

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