All Confirmed PS5 Games & Release Dates

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Horizon Forbidden West
Horizon Forbidden West

A new console generation is upon us at the end of 2020 with the PlayStation 5 and new Xbox series of consoles set to launch for the holiday season. As their release dates edge nearer, we’re seeing more and more PS5 games getting announced.

There’s Horizon Forbidden West, the gorgeous looking sequel to Zero Dawn. A new Ratchet & Clank game that sends you hurtling through time. That long-gestating Demon’s Souls remake was finally confirmed, among so, so much else.

We do, however, also have a few almost certainties lined up for games that will land on the PlayStation 5 with plenty of cross-generational games that Sony would be silly to overlook. The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima are two of the most obvious PS4 games to make their way over to the PS5, but we should also see sequels to God of War and Uncharted at some point in the console’s life.

For now, though, let’s just focus on all of the PS5 games confirmed so far; we will update the below list when new games are announced as well as when their release dates are announced.


Confirmed PS5 Games

Gods And Monsters

GameDeveloperPublisherRelease Date
GodfallCounterplay GamesGearbox SoftwareHoliday 2020
FortniteEpic GamesEpic GamesHoliday 2020
OutridersPeople Can FlySquare EnixHoliday 2020
Assassin's Creed ValhallaUbisoft MontrealUbisoftHoliday 2020
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesInsomniac GamesPlayStation StudiosHoliday 2020
DeathloopArkaneBethesdaHoliday 2020
Jett: The Far ShoreSuperbrothers/Pine ScentedSuperbrothers/Pine ScentedHoliday 2020
Astro's PlayroomJapan Studio/AsobiPlayStation StudiosHoliday 2020
NBA 2K212K Sports2KHoliday 2020
Marvel's The AvengersCrystal DynamicsSquare EnixHoliday 2020
BugsnaxYoung HorsesYoung HorsesHoliday 2020
Planet CoasterFrontier DevelopmentsFrontier DevelopmentsHoliday 2020
RecompilePhigamesDear VillagersTBC 2020
Madden NFL 21EA SportsEATBC 2020
FIFA 21 EA SportsEATBC 2020
Call of Duty 2020TBCActivisionTBC 2020
Dirt 5Codemasters Codemasters TBC 2020
Quantum ErrorTeamkill MediaTeamkill MediaTBC 2020
Hitman 3IO InteractiveIO InteractiveJanuary 2021
Grand Theft Auto VRockstar GamesTake-TwoQ3-Q4 2021
GhostWire: TokyoTango GameworksBethesda2021
The Lord of the Rings: GollumDaedalic EntertainmentDaedalic Entertainment2021
MicroManGlob Games StudioGlob Games Studio2021
Tribes of MidgardNorsfellGearbox Publishing2021
ChorusDeep SilverFishlabs2021
Sherlock Holmes: Chapter OneFrogwaresFrogwares2021
Goodbye Volcano HighKO_OPKO_OP2021
Solar AshHeartmachineAnnapurna Interactive2021
DustbornRed Thread GamesRed Thread Games2021
Battlefield 6DICEEA2021
A Rat's Quest: The Way Back HomeThe Dreamerians Handy Games2021
Heavenly Bodies2pt Interactive2pt Interactive2021
StrayBluetwelveAnnapurna Interactive2021
Resident Evil 8CapcomCapcom2021
Dying Light 2TechlandTechland PublishingTBC
Final Fantasy VII RemakeSquare EnixSquare EnixTBC
Watch Dogs: LegionUbisoft UbisoftTBC
Gods and MonstersUbisoft Ubisoft TBC
Destiny 2BungieBungieTBC
Rainbow Six QuarantineUbisoft Ubisoft TBC
Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoftUbisoftTBC
Observer System ReduxBloober TeamTBCTBC
SoulbornPixelmad StudiosPixelmad StudiosTBC
MoonrayEverything is Full of GodsEverything is Full of GodsTBC
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 Hardsuit LabsParadox InteractiveTBC
Bright Memory InfiniteFYQD-StudioFYQD-StudioTBC
CYGNI: All Guns BlazingKeelworks Keelworks TBC
Gothic RemakeTHQ Nordic BarcelonaTHQ NordicTBC
Scarlet NexusBandai NamcoBandai NamcoTBC
DauntlessPhoenix LabsEpic GamesTBC
Nth^0: Infinity RebornKitatusKitatusTBC
PsyHotelRG CrewUltimate GamesTBC
Redo! Enhanced EditionRobson PaivaRobson PaivaTBC
Path of Exile 2Grinding Gear GamesGrinding Gear GamesTBC
Dragon Age 4BiowareEATBC
Chivalry 2Torn Banner StudiosTorn Banner StudiosTBC
Gran Turismo 7Polyphony DigitalPlayStation StudiosTBC
Ratchet & Clank: Rift ApartInsomniac GamesPlayStation StudiosTBC
Project Athia (Working Title)Luminous ProductionsSquare EnixTBC
ReturnalHousemarquePlayStation StudiosTBC
Sackboy: A Big AdventureSumo DigitalPlayStation StudiosTBC
Destruction AllstarsLucid GamesPlayStation StudiosTBC
Kena: Bridge of SpiritsEmber LabEmber LabTBC
Oddworld: SoulstormOddworld InhabitantsOddworld InhabitantsTBC
Little Devil InsideNeostreamNeostreamTBC
ControlRemedy505 GamesTBC
Demon's SoulsBluepoint Games/Japan StudioPlayStation StudiosTBC
Horizon Forbidden West Guerrilla GamesPlayStation StudiosTBC
MaquetteGraceful DecayAnnapurna InteractiveTBC

As you can see, the line up for the PS5 is filling out in a huge way the closer and closer we get to the console’s release. While the console design itself may be somewhat polarising, its upcoming games offer plenty to be intrigued by.

It looks like Ubisoft are the third-party publisher who are fully committed to next-gen the most with all of their upcoming games seemingly also coming to PS5. It won’t be long until a lot of other publishers follow suit and announce either ports or sequels to some of their most popular games for the PlayStation 5.

The only question is how many publishers and developers will look to release remasters rather than just opting for basic backwards compatibility. Expect to see plenty of remasters, even with BC, as remasters are always good earners with less cost than remaking a game from scratch.


Expected PS5 Games

The Last Of Us: Part 2

It goes without saying that we will betting a tonne of sequels for first-party titles at some point in the PlayStation 5’s life.

Uncharted is a guarantee, it likely focusing on the protagonists of Lost Legacy as it starts a new era. Expect the game to embrace more open, less linear gameplay compared to the rest of the series.

God of War 2 is also a certainty, it focusing on the battle between Thor and Kratos. We anticipate this one will be a few years into the PS5’s life, especially if they try to make it a “one-shot” game like its predecessor with plenty of technical detail.

There’s been no word on it yet, but expect Dreams to get a port pretty shortly after or before the PS5’s release. That marvellous game/creation suite was in production for too long to be left behind.

In terms of franchises that are overdue some kind of update, Killzone hasn’t had anything new since 2013, inFamous since 2014, Resistance since 2011, and Team ICO haven’t been heard from since 2016’s The Last Guardian. Let’s also not forget Knack 3, which demands respect.

There’s also even more dormant IPs, such as Syphon Filter, Ape Escape, and that could be in with a shot of resurrection on the PlayStation 5. The list of possible IPs to refresh for the PlayStation 5 is almost endless.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty exciting time to be a PlayStation fan.


Will The PS5 Have Backwards Compatibility?


Sony have confirmed that the PS5 will have backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 4, though there was no word on any of the older consoles.

It will be interesting to see how this works with multiplayer games, or if it will be a case of Sony having to go through the back-catalog on a game by game process and make them backwards compatible like Microsoft did with the Xbox One.

The PS3 is unlikely to ever feature “true” BP for newer consoles due to its odd architecture, though you would hope Sony would try to at least step it up with their PS2 Classics, which have been forgotten about.


Will The PS5 Have PlayStation Now?

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now will indeed be making its way to the PlayStation 5, though the ins and outs of this have not yet been detailed. Whether or not PS Now on PS5 will support game downloads like it does on PS4 is yet to be revealed.

PS Now is primarily a streaming service that allows you to stream games, and with the amount of focus developers and publishers seem to be putting on streaming going forward, don’t be surprised to see Sony go in hard on PlayStation Now for the next generation.

The PlayStation 5 is expected to launch Holiday 2020.

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