PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Delayed Until April

Days Gone zombies
Source: YouTube

SIE Bend’s Days Gone has been through the wringer since it was first announced at E3 2016. After dropping off the radar, it’s been shown off sporadically but has also suffered a couple of delays, the latest pushing it out of a very congested release window.

Days Gone will now release in April 26th, 2019 instead of February 22nd, as confirmed on the PlayStation Blog:

“We want to share a change in release date for this highly anticipated title from Bend Studio. We recently decided to move the release of Days Gone from the crowded February timeframe to 26th April 2019.

While the studio is eager to see Days Gone in the hands of fans, Bend Studio will take the opportunity to further polish Days Gone.

As PlayStation fans already know, Days Gone is an open-world action game set in the high-desert of the Pacific Northwest. Traversing harsh landscapes on their drifter bike, players must fight for resources as they attempt to survive broken roads, unpredictable weather, attacks from other human factions, infected wildlife and roaming Freakers — a brutal, dynamic world that is dangerous both day and night.”

This is only half a surprise owing to the fact that Days Gone is the one that’s chickened out first for one of next year’s busiest days in the gaming calendar — you would have thought it would have been the oft-delayed Crackdown 3. Metro: Exodus, Anthem, Crackdown 3, and Days Gone were already slated for release, but now it looks like the competition has become a little thinner.

It’s a shame, but delays are historically not necessarily a bad thing. Early footage we’ve seen of Days Gone has been very rough, so here’s hoping the extra couple of months in the oven does it some good.

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