Project Q: Sony Just Glued A DualSense To A Screen

PS5 Project Q
PS5 Project Q

Following heavy rumours that Sony were developing a handheld streaming device for PS5 games, Sony have indeed confirmed they are developing a handheld streaming device for PS5 games, and it’s about as literal a design as you can get. It’s a DualSense flanking a HD screen.

Known internally as Project Q, the device has an eight inch full HD screen and features all of the buttons and features of the regular DualSense (because it pretty much is one). Games will be played via Sony’s Remote Play (boo) which means they have to be installed on your PS5 (boo) and you also won’t be able to play VR games on the device (boo). There’s also no release date or pricing, but more info will come soon.

Seriously, they just put a screen between a DualSense. You really don’t need to overdesign these things, and it seems like Sony know that. It also seems like they don’t have faith in making a proper handheld again, which is sad. Long live the Vita.

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