Predicting The Women’s Elimination Chamber Match 2018

WWE Elimination Chamber Women's Match

The female superstars are truly blazing a trail through WWE, and it’s all thanks to one woman: Stephanie McMa – nah, I’m just kidding. Every woman on the roster has played a huge part in making the revolution something to be proud of. We’ve seen the ladies of wrestling put on some epic matches recently, and right after the first women’s Rumble match, we have the inaugural women’s Elimination Chamber.

WWE want to make this a clash we’ll never forget, but hopefully for all the right reasons. With that in mind, the order and nature of how each woman is eliminated will play a pivotal role in the success of the match. Let’s take a gander at how it might all go down in elimination order.


Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose

With Alicia Fox out with an injury, Paige being forced to retire from wrestling, and Asuka already set on her Road to WrestleMania, there weren’t many options left to fill out all the pods in the inaugural women’s Elimination Chamber match. Despite being as green as grass and nowhere near ready for such a hard-hitting bout, Mandy Rose has found herself thrown into the Chamber.

At the Royal Rumble, Rose actually made history by being the very first competitor to be thrown over the top rope in the women’s Rumble match, and the signs are pointing to her repeating history once again by being the first woman to be pinned inside the Elimination Chamber.

The best scenario for Rose is to start the match and go out early; with WrestleMania right around the corner, WWE can’t afford to have any more of their top stars injured. With her lack of in-ring experience, Rose is the most likely to botch a move that could put her or a key superstar on the shelf. She’s been added to the bout as cannon-fodder so the popular wrestlers don’t have to take the first fall, and with a renewed friendship between Alexa Bliss and Mickie James brewing, chances are high Bliss will attempt to cement their partnership by attacking Rose and allowing James to go for the cover.


Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks
Source: Wrestling Rumours

For the past few weeks, we’ve seen Banks go all out in a bid to prove her worth. She was the iron woman at the Royal Rumble, she nearly broke her neck in a match against Asuka the following night on Raw, and this past Monday, Banks was pinned by Bayley. She came up short three times, but she’s still not lost her composure. A losing effort in the Chamber, despite entering at No.5, could be just enough to push her over the edge.

The friendship between Banks and Bayley seems to be under strain; “The Boss” threw Bayley over the top during the Rumble and on the following Raw, they each made their intentions clear that they aim to be the one to end Asuka’s undefeated streak. Both women are chasing the same goal, but only one will get the chance to achieve it at Mania by becoming Champion. With Banks on the back foot, WWE’s residential hugger has to pin “The Boss” one more time, but inside the Chamber to trigger the heel turn we’ve been waiting for.

There’s no better time to turn Sasha Banks heel. Irate at being pinned, Banks should go for the vicious attack on Bayley, ending their friendship, and setting up for the rematch between the two from NXT that the fans have been clamouring for.




With a rocky 2017 behind her, Bayley needs to relight a fire under her career, and show that she’s capable of becoming a fan favourite yet again. Coming out as the fourth competitor, Bayley should be able to put on a gutsy performance before her actions reignite an old rivalry.

Bayley showed no ill-will towards Banks after “The Boss” eliminated her from the Rumble, but Izzy’s favourite superstar will need to go all out in the Chamber, and take any opportunity to win, even if it means getting the cover on her best friend. After eating a pinfall, Sasha should lock in the Bank Statement on Bayley, causing a ton of damage. With the start of a feud in place, Bayley has no more need inside the Chamber. Selling the Bank Statement, Bayley should be taken out by the dark horse of the match, Sonya Deville, to make her look like a legitimate threat.

Having Bayley out of the title scene will help her in the long-run. She needs to remind the world what she’s capable of before coming champion again, and a feud with her greatest rival will most definitely have the fans cheering for by the end.


Mickie James

Mickie James
Source: WWE

It’s unlikely that James will find herself as the champion going into Mania, especially with Alexa Bliss trying to get back on her good side, but she is the veteran of the women’s division and it’s very possible she’ll last the longest in the match. To make the most of James, she should start the match off against Mandy Rose before forming an uneasy alliance with “Little Miss Bliss”.

The 6-time Champ is probably going to score at least one elimination in the match, and it may be served to her on a silver platter by Bliss. With the two renewing their alliance, they can save each other from a number of near-falls, and with Rose, Banks, and Bayley gone, the only person who can eliminate James is Sonya Deville.

James will play the role of Alexa’s protector in the Chamber. By being taken out by Deville before it gets down to two, James can stay as “The Goddess’” friend right up to the Raw before Mania where she’ll act as Asuka’s final roadblock before the epic Title match.


Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville is another rookie who has been thrown in at the deep end by entering the Elimination Chamber. The only thing that separates Deville from her Absolution team mate Mandy Rose is Deville’s legitimate fighting background. Coming into the match last will allow her to pick up the scraps, making herself look like a serious threat, without exhausting her limited skills.

Her pod should open right after Banks’ attack on Bayley. Deville, seeing Bailey in pain, should go for the kill straight away, giving her a quick elimination, and bringing the match down to her, Mickie James, and Alexa Bliss.

After taking some punishment from the champ and James, Deville’s MMA background should kick into high gear, allowing her to get the better of her two attackers. With Bliss dazed, Deville has a clear shot at eliminating James, bringing the match down to two.

A drawn-out confrontation between Bliss and Deville won’t excite the crowd as Deville isn’t enough of a hit with the fans yet. Bliss should go for the roll-up on the MMA fighter as soon as Mickie is eliminated, ending the match. Sonya goes out looking strong, picking up two pinfalls, but without being completely manhandled by “Five Feet of Fury”.

If done right, the Chamber match could end the abysmal Absolution stable by turning Deville into a tweener or a face to balance the Sasha Banks heel turn.


Winner: Alexa Bliss

alexa bliss
Source: WWE

“The Goddess” of WWE has gone too long without defending her title, but now she has an opportunity to show the world that she’s more than worthy of being the Raw Women’s Champion going into Wrestlemania.

For Alexa to truly shine, she needs to come in at No.3. From that spot, she can quickly establish a partnership with Mickie James by focusing on Mandy Rose. Furthermore, it will enrage Sonya Deville to see her stable mate Rose being picked apart, giving more intrigue to the match when it comes down to Bliss, James, and Deville.

With Rose, Bayley and Sasha Banks eliminated, Bliss needs to take a big bump that’ll see her out of action while Deville finishes off James. After James is gone, a quick roll-up from Bliss to the MMA fighter will see the end of the match.

With the champion celebrating in the confines of the Chamber, expect to see Asuka or maybe even Ronda Rousey appear at the top of the ramp for a stare down with “The Goddess”. Whatever happens, the match has a lot to live up following the success of the women’s Rumble, but with a decent plan in place, it should be no problem at all.

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