Powerless: DC’s New Superhero Sitcom Has Changed Completely

With superhero movies being so self serious these days, the announcement last year of Powerless was a breath of fresh air.

Set in the DC comics universe of Superman and Wonder Woman, this was a show dealing with the unfortunate unpowered humans in a world of superhero battles.

The characters of Powerless worked at an insurance firm specialising in superhero related insurance claims. Sounds fun, right? I’ve posted the trailer released last year below. Thing is, that’s not what the show is about anymore.


Same Name, Different Show

A new trailer, released in the new year, has protagonist Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical) working at the security department of Wayne Enterprises. Yes, that Wayne Enterprises. This time round the humourous twist is that her department comes up with safety gear to defend against routine superhero hazards. Umbrellas to defend against falling debris, special suits which withstand a super powered punch and so on.

Retooling a show this much after pushing out a trailer is rare. Not only have a new set of scenes been written and shot, but some entirely new sets have been used. This might have something to do with the departure of creator Ben Queen as Showrunner over creative differences.

I don’t want to speak too soon, but comparing the two trailers, the new one might actually be a bit less funny. Where before it looked to be shooting for quirky office comedy it’s new sweet spot is more big idea slapstick. And not all the gags land. This could become a problem for Powerless, unless it can find a way to prevent all the superhero stuff pushing the characters and their relationships into the background.


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