Pokémon Paradox Rift: All Future & Ancient Cards Explained

Ancient and Future cards
Ancient and Future cards

One of the primary themes in Pokémon’s Scarlet & Violet series is the concept of past, present, and future. Those who play the video game have already been exposed to this idea with the introduction of a new species of creatures called Paradox Pokémon – which feature ‘future’ and ‘ancient’ versions of certain Pokémon. Ancient Pokémon are exclusive to the Pokémon Scarlet video game, while Future Pokémon are exclusive to the Pokémon Violet game.

This running theme of past vs. future is evident in the newest TCG expansion, Paradox Rift, with the introduction of Future and Ancient Pokémon – similar to the introduction of Rapid Strike and Single Strike Pokémon in the Battle Styles (Sword and Shield) set in March of 2021.

Paradox Rift contains five Future Pokémon and five Ancient Pokémon. There are seven of each in the video game series, but the Ancient versions of Walking Wake (Suicune) and Flutter Mane (Misdreavus), and the Future versions of Iron Thorns (Tyranitar) and Iron Leaves (Virizion) aren’t included in the Paradox Rift set.


All Future Cards in Paradox Rift

Paradox Rift Iron Moth
Paradox Rift Iron Moth

Iron Moth (028/182) – Future version of Volcarona
Iron Bundle (056/182) – Future version of Delibird
Iron Hands (070/182) – Future version of Hariyama
Iron Valiant (089/182) – Future version of Gardevoir
Iron Jugulis (158/182) – Future version of Hydreigon


All Ancient Cards in Paradox Rift

Brute Bonnet
Brute Bonnet

Scream Tail (086/182) – Ancient version of Jigglypuff
Slither Wing (107/182) – Ancient version of Volcarona
Sandy Shocks (108/182) – Ancient version of Magneton
Brute Bonnet (123/182) – Ancient version of Amoonguss
Roaring Moon (124/182) – Ancient version of Salamence


What’s the Difference Between Future & Ancient Cards?

The primary difference between Future and Ancient cards is how they’re used in the TCG universe. In addition to the five Future Pokémon and five Ancient Pokémon, Paradox Rift contains three Future trainer cards and three Ancient trainer cards – one Tool card, one Supporter card, and one Item card of each.

Here’s a look at the Future Trainer cards found in Paradox Rift:

Future Booster Energy Capsule (164/182) – Tool Card – Future Pokémon the card is attached to has no retreat cost, and attacks deal 20 more damage.
Professor Turo’s Scenario (171/182) – Supporter Card – Put one Future Pokémon in play into your hand, but discard all cards attached to that Pokémon.
Techno Radar (180/182) – Item Card – Discard one card from hand, search deck for 2 Future Pokémon and put them in hand, then shuffle deck.

Here’s a look at the Ancient Trainer cards found in Paradox Rift:

Ancient Booster Energy Capsule (159/182) – Tool Card – Ancient Pokémon the card is attached to gets +60 HP, recovers from all Special Conditions, and isn’t affected by any Special Conditions.
Earthen Vessel (163/182) – Item Card – discard one card from your hand, search your deck for up to 2 Basic Energy cards, put them into your hand, then shuffle the deck.
Professor Sada’s Vitality (170/182) – Supporter Card – choose 2 Ancient Pokémon and attach a Basic Energy from the discard pile to each of them, then draw three cards.

A Future trainer card can only be used on a Future Pokémon, and an Ancient trainer card can only be used on an Ancient Pokémon. You can distinguish a Future card from an Ancient card by peeping the logo in the top right of the illustration. If utilized correctly, these cards can make one powerful deck.

Paradox Rift released on November 3, 2023.

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