Pokémon Go Safari Zone – Liverpool: What You Need To Know

Heading over to Merseyside?

Pokemon Go

Safari Zone events have become a yearly occurrence in Pokémon Go now, and appear all around the world. Usually covering a weekend, these events see increased special Pokémon, a new Unown Pokémon letter, a regional Pokémon outside of its set region and often a new shiny release. For the first time ever, the UK is getting a Safari Zone event, in Liverpool.

When and Where
The event will run from Friday April 17th until Sunday 19th. It will take place in Sefton Park, not far from Liverpool’s riverfront onto the Mersey. You will be able to access the event at different times depending on which ticket you buy, with Early Access starting at 10am and General Admission starting at 12pm, and both running until 6pm. This will be the same each day, but you will only be able to get tickets for one of the days.

Special Pokémon
Due to its waterfront setting, this Safari Zone event is largely focused around water Pokémon. So far, Niantic have confirmed the increased spawns of Krabby and Dratini (both of which can be shiny) as well as Chinchou and Oshawott. The special Unown letter of this event will be V, and the regional is Relicanth, a water Pokémon usually limited to New Zealand, Samoa and the Southwest Pacific.

Purchasing Tickets
Tickets go on sale at 8am GMT on Friday February 14th. To be able to buy tickets, you need to access the events section in the Pokémon Go app. You can buy up to four tickets for yourself and/or any in-game friends that you are at least Great Friends with, which means you must have had seven days of interaction with them. General Admission tickets will be £12, and Early Access are £18.

Explorer Pass
On top of your normal ticket, you will also have the opportunity to purchase an Explorers Pass for the event. Costing £8 on top of your ticket price, this will offer you some special bonuses for the duration of the event. These include 10 special Raids with a 72 hour timer across Liverpool, ½ hatch distance for any eggs put into incubators during the event, special Field Research tasks from any Pokéstops spun in the city, as well as Lure Modules lasting four hours and Incense lasting one hour.

This is a great and unique opportunity if you live in the UK to get some new Pokémon for your collection, as well as meet like minded people for battles and trades. Don’t forget to set your alarms for 8am on February 14th.

Pokémom Go is a free to play mobile game which brings Pokémon into the real world. You can catch them, battle against them alone or with friends, and connect with people all around the world.

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