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Playlist of the Week: Red Dead Resonation

Like all of you, I wet myself a little bit at the news that not only are Rockstar working on a sequel to Red Dead Redemption, one of the greatest video games of all time, but that we’ll be seeing as soon as a year from now. For me, one of the best aspects of any game is the music, and the music of Red Dead was of a particularly high standard, a blend of classic and contemporary send ups to both western movie soundtracks and the folk music that emanates from that cultural crucible.

I’ve no doubt that the score for the second instalment (or third, depending on your perspective) will be no less wonderful, and in anticipation of it, I’ve put together this playlist. It’s a hearty mixture of music from the game itself, both the more versatile soundtrack pieces and the original compositions reserved for the more dramatic moments, and things which either inspired all that, or share the spirit of the game. I managed to sneak a few references to another recent, somewhat western-influenced gaming masterpiece in there. Mega points if you figure out which one (mega points are not valid currency in any nation or state).