Playlist of the Week: Boomtown Hype

More and more festival lineups are being announced by the day, but here at CV this is the one we’ve been eagerly anticipating. With each passing year, Boomtown’s lineups have only gotten bigger and better, but this time, well, see for yourselves.

Got your breath back? Us neither. Briefly putting aside the fact that The Specials and Ziggy Marley will both be in attendance, there’s a much bigger impetus on classic hip-hop, compared to last year. Cypress Hill, Arrested Development and the Sugarhill Gang are all there, but we’re also getting a few surprisingly jazz-oriented additions, in the form of Sons of Kemet, GoGo Penguin and Portico Quartet.

The bassy side of things is reliably immense, with takeovers from both Shogun Audio and Exit Records, as well as appearances from Shy FX and Redlight. Other interesting highlights include poet Benjamin Zephiniah, French trip-hop mainstay Wax Tailor, and the Alabama 3, who famously performed The Sopranos theme music.

To mark the occasion, we’ve put together a special Playlist of the Week, featuring a highlight reel of the artists who will be featuring this year. It’s hard to get a full spread of the festival’s eclectic vibe in a mere 21 tracks, but it’s enough to give you a flavour.


You can get tickets to Boomtown here.

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