Playlist of the Week: Best of the Year – Part 4 – Electronic

So we arrive at the fourth and final chapter of our Spotified journey through 2016. Somehow, this one ended up being the hardest to compile. Since the hip-hop/r&b playlist had already covered some of this ground, I decided to use this one to run through some of the various different flavours of electronic music one by one, ramping up the intensity as I went.

This actually ended up being perhaps the most difficult playlist to compile. Electronic music is so broad, and the standard is so high at the moment that it was impossible to do the year justice. Instead of doing that, I focused on trying to weave a consistent vibe through all the different styles, will also giving dues to as much amazing music as I could. Nestled within you’ll find electro-pop, techno, dubstep, drum and bass and things which defy definition. Merry Christmas.

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