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Playlist of the Week: Best of the Year – Part 1 – Hip-Hop/RnB

Yes, I’ve caught the ‘recapping the year’ bug as well. Bet you were expecting to see a Christmas music playlist here, sorry to disappoint (but I’ll still probably do that). So, from now until the new year, I’ll be queuing up some of the best music from various genres, and first up are hip-hop and rnb. There’s a lot of crossover with those at the moment, which makes me life easier, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s been a pretty excellent year for both.

More or less everyone who came out with a release in either genre this year delivered, and it would be impossible to do everyone justice within a 20 track frame, but these are some of my best picks, on both sides of the Atlantic. There’s been a sense of defiance about a lot of hip-hop this year, for obvious reasons, but there’s optimism woven into it as well, and a lot of the material feels as warm and uplifting as it does defiant. This is definitely a playlist of moods, so stick it on and see where they lead you.


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