Pixar’s Soul Was Almost A Heist Movie

They should still totally work on a heist movie though.


In an interview with Collider, Kristne Lester, the story supervisor for Soul, discussed how the film had heist-like elements at some point. She said: “All our movies take very different paths and you’d be shocked at what you saw when stuff was early in development to where it ended up being. Sometimes they’re very, very, very different movies and yeah, the first sketch of the movie, it was more of a heist movie that Joe was trying to go back to his life basically through, I can’t remember, doing a bunch of heist-y stuff.”

Lester mentioned that after they came to the end of that version of the film, they felt like it didn’t add anything to the themes the movie was discussing, like the meaning and purpose of life. The heist elements wasn’t doing justice to those themes, so they took it out. Lester shared: “Okay, it’s not Ocean’s 11. What can we do to dig deeper into the thing that people really wanted to talk about?”

Mind you, Pixar might still make an Ocean’s Eleven type of film, it’s not completely off the table, we just won’t be seeing it in Soul.

Pixar’s Soul will be released on Disney Plus on Christmas day this year.

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