PES 2018’s PC Version Won’t Be Terrible, Swear Konami

We want to believe you, Konami. We really do.


While announcing that a new PES was inevitably coming later this year, Konami also promised that they would be releasing a PC version that was up to the standards of the current generation of consoles.

Previous Pro Evolution Soccer games have been notorious for being hackjobs on PC, either total ports of PS3 and Xbox 360 efforts or a strange halfway point of both. Unsurprisingly, Steam reviews haven’t been kind.

With PES 2018 set to launch on September 14, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Konami have pledged that it will be “to the standard of the leading console iterations”, which means PS4 and Xbox One. A nice thing to say, but an even better thing to follow through with.

As a yearly sports game release, PES 2018 will not be a major overhaul of those that came before it. It will feature a new interface, tweaked ball handling, and tattoos on players among other changes.


Believe it or not, I loved my time with PES 2017 and gave it a positive review:

“Despite its flaws, PES 2017 is absolutely the best game of simulated football in years, if not ever. FIFA 17 may shift the most copies as the series always does, but PES 2017 is the smarter option, just like it was back in its glory days. Pro Evolution Soccer truly is back.”

Source Eurogamer


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