Patreon Admits to “Messing Up”, No Longer Changing Its Fee System

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Patreon CEO Jack Conte has just posted a blog post to confirm that Patreon is no longer rolling out the new fee system that was seen to negatively impact a large number of Patreon creators.

In the blog post, he explains how Patreon has been listening to feedback from creators and patrons who had been affected by the proposed changes:

We’ve heard you loud and clear. We’re not going to rollout the changes to our payments system that we announced last week. We still have to fix the problems that those changes addressed, but we’re going to fix them in a different way, and we’re going to work with you to come up with the specifics, as we should have done the first time around. Many of you lost patrons, and you lost income. No apology will make up for that, but nevertheless, I’m sorry. It is our core belief that you should own the relationships with your fans. These are your businesses, and they are your fans.

The post goes on to explain that negative feedback from Patreon users was the driving force behind not rolling out the new fee changes, and that “he know[s] it will take a long time for us to earn back your trust. But we are utterly devoted to your success and to getting you sustainable, reliable income for being a creator.”

A representative from Mighty PR (the company that handles PR for Patreon) reached out to us to inform us about the blog post, and we took the opportunity to ask them about how Patreon intends to get this message out to a wide enough audience in order to help recover the losses sustained from these proposed fee changes. We will update the article as soon as we receive an answer.

What do you think about the new changes? Will you be returning to Patreon as a creator or patron, or did you never leave in the first place? Let us know in the comments below!

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