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"The investigator. Are you our saviour as well?"

Paradise Killer
Paradise Killer

Being a detective and solving mysteries is a fantasy that games have catered to for a long time now, but there’s so many versions of that premise where the case only has one logical conclusion. Part of being a detective is using your own deductive reasoning and instincts to form your own theories and possibilities, but it’s hard to do that when a game just shouts “they did it” at the top of its lungs. It’s why Paradise Killer is such a rewarding experience, and one that should shoot to the top of your must-play list. You know, before you croak.

Set in a world that looks like it was ripped straight from a vaporwave album cover, with an excellent soundtrack to match, Paradise Killer’s story features a supposedly idyllic world of gods, demons and human sacrifices. The lore alone is massive, but the short version is that you’re playing as a detective called Lady Love Dies, who’s been exiled from this divine society for millenia. However, your services have been requested as the society’s leader, Monserrat, has been murdered, and only you have the skills to get to the bottom of this.

The beauty of Paradise Killer is that the mystery of Monserrat’s death is open for you to explore however you like. The gorgeous landscape of Island 24 is mostly open from the get-go, with multiple suspects to talk to and clues to find. Because of this, everyone’s playthrough is unique as they’ll carve their own path to the truth, finding the different revelations and twists in orders that might shock and surprise other players.

Each potential suspect in Monserrat’s murder is compelling, with their own unique personalities and motivations, aiding you in creating your own theories about what could have happened on this fateful night on Island 24. Some are clearly out for personal gain, some have axes to grind and others are seeking their escape from their own situations, but who’s telling the truth and who’s simply trying to mislead you?

What makes Paradise Killer so compelling though is how the case and the verdict all come together. Without giving too much away about Paradise Killer’s endgame, it’s not up to you to deliver a verdict, merely present your findings and evidence to the Judge and they’ll deem it to be sufficient or insufficient enough to sentence someone to death. You can’t just accuse someone of committing murder, as you need to be able to prove it, otherwise they’ll get away with the perfect crime.

As the story unfurls though, you’ll find threads that point to even bigger conspiracies and plans, all of which can be brought up at the final hearing, and it’s here where Paradise Killer really comes into its own. Maybe some characters don’t deserve to have the same fate as other, more insidious characters, so do you choose to indict them, damning them to the same sentence, or do you just keep it to yourself?

The beauty of Paradise Killer is that there’s no wrong answer here. If you just want to stroll into the courtroom, accuse the guy who’s clearly been made to be a scapegoat and roll credits in under 10 minutes, you can. There’s even an achievement for it. However, Paradise Killer also lets you dig deeper and ask some real questions about what happened to Monserrat and why, along with who should be punished for it, making it an experience that’ll truly stick with you for a long time.

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