Owen Teague Joins ‘It’ Remake

It remake

Owen Teague has joined the cast of the adaption of Stephen King’s 1986 novel It, says The Hollywood Reporter. The re-imagining will be a two-part series directed by Andy Muschietti, with the first film’s shooting getting underway in July.

In Bloodline, Teague plays Nolan, son of Ben Mendelsohn’s character, Danny Rayburn, as well as acting as a younger version of Danny. It has been thought that Teague is Ben Mendelsohn’s real-life son, but Teague told Yahoo! in an interview – which praised his performance in the Netflix show as “one of the best in Season 2” – that this supposed kinship is untrue. Teague is also in another adaptation of a 1986 King novel, Cell, the cast of which includes Samuel L. Jackson and John Cuzack, which came out on VOD yesterday. Alongside Teague, this portrayal on film will also feature Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Clown, one of the forms of It.

According to The Guardian, It, which in its original published form surpassed a thousand pages, is the story of a group of people called the Loser’s Club who defeat It when they are children before having to beat the titular creature again for good as adults. However, as you might expect from the novel’s length, though, that is not all: there is plenty of back-story and detail, and It is a “terrifying read”. Can the movie-makers achieve an equally frightening feat?

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