Overwatch’s Mercy Comes To XCOM 2 Through This Mod

"Heroes SOMETIMES die, but you can just load your most recent save."

Everyone’s favourite modern Nightingale is spreading her wings and making her way over to another game that completely engulfs people’s lives.

Overwatch’s Mercy, who would like you to know that heroes are incapable of succumbing to mortality, has been added to XCOM 2 through the War of the Chosen expansion with the aid of a mod.

Available from Steam Workshop, the Overwatch Mercy Squadmate mod faithfully recreates Mercy’s famous look and even has variants. Heck, it goes as far as adding Switzerland as a country of origin.

Overwatch Mercy XCOM 2

Overwatch Mercy XCOM 2

Sadly, there is no way for you to resurrect your fallen squadmates, so you will just have to accept the fact that the digital recreations of all your childhood friends and also John Cena are gone forever. That is unless you totally cheese it and load older saves, of course.

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