The Pilgrim Mod Turns Fallout 4 Into a Horror Game

Sweet dreams, wanderers!

Ah, Fallout 4. It’s been a while. How have you been keeping?

Pilgrim is a new mod that changes Bethesda’s semi-black sheep into a horror game, as if Outlast 2 had a baby after a nuclear apocalypse. It’s the work of two guys, and judging from the short “trailer” we’ve seen for it, it’s going to somehow make the Commonwealth even creepier.

The mod doesn’t exactly completely overhaul the Fallout 4 experience, but moreso brings the lighting down and unleashes some unsettling effects, such as a pervasive fog-like environment, as well as incorporating a new music system. This will change based on where you are and the situation you find yourself in, which is kinda neat.

l00ping and TreyM have made the mod available for download in multiple parts. If you want to make yourself suitably disturbed, be sure to check it out.

Source Kotaku


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