Orphan Black Season 5: 5 Questions We Need Answers To


Cultured Vultures spoilers

The last season of Orphan Black ended with the mother of all cliffhangers, with both Cosima and Sarah at the brink of death, a possibility that the cure Cosima has been working on might actually be destroyed, Rachel selling the rest of clones out to be human guinea pigs, and the revelation that P.T Westmooreland – the original creator of Neolution – is apparently still alive. Safe to say, ever since the end of the last season, there have been a few questions knocking about my brain.

Thankfully, the latest season will start airing on June 10th – less than a month away! Unfortunately, the latest season is also its very last season. Which means, there are a lot of loose ends that the show has to tie up! And it also means that I’ve been binge watching the past four seasons.

Here are five questions that I’m itching to find the answers to in the upcoming season:


1. Why did the Neolutionists kidnap Delphine?

Image: AfterEllen

At the end of the third season, we see Delphine being shot and spent the large majority of season four unsure of whether Delphine was dead or alive, and if we were ever going to see her again. Thankfully, the last few episodes of season four confirmed that Delphine was definitely alive. Krystal informed Felix that she had seen Delphine get shot, before getting carted off in a car by someone who wasn’t her shooter.

In the finale of season four, we saw Delphine at, what is presumably, a Neolutionist camp, where she has most likely been ever since she was shot. But precisely why she was kidnapped and kept on the island is yet to be revealed. There have been many hints that she is being kept on the island against her own wishes, as she is told that she won’t be allowed to stay with Cosima on her sickbed, and has to fight with one of the camp dwellers for the opportunity to stay with Cosima on her sickbed, claiming that “she is [her] patient.”

So what purpose exactly does Delphine serve on the island camp? It must be an important one if she was rescued after being shot. And if this branch of Neolution saved Delphine from dying in a car park, is it the BIG BAD that everyone has been claiming it to be?


2. What will happen to Rachel?

Image: thewatercooler.com

Holy shit, Rachel just sold out all her sisters, and also herself! In an attempt to take over from Evie Chow – and throw Susan to the dogs – Rachel gave a horrifying speech equating human clones to lab rats, claiming that “clones are farmed and monitored lab animals. If we want to know whether our lab rats’ tail will grow back, we damn well will cut them off.” This obviously puts clones like Sarah, Helena, Alison, and Cosima at a higher risk of danger, since they’ve already been at odds with their “creators.” But Rachel, the “pro-clone,” has essentially signed a waiver to have scientists cut her open, and do whatever hell they want to do with her. So will Rachel be facing her comeuppance? Will she find herself subject to invasive and dehumanising testing?


3. Will we see Krystal/Tony/Mika again?

Image: nerdist

Aside from the main recurring clones – Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Rachel, and Helena – we have been introduced to multiple clones during the past four seasons. Some of them have met early demises but many of them haven’t. Both Krystal and Mika played pretty huge roles in last season’s plot. Mika helped Sarah escape Neolutionists, and gave her crucial information about Beth and the Neolutionists. Krystal witnessed Delphine being kidnapped and figured out much of the BrightBorn plot all by herself. Krystal, in many ways, has also been a comic relief character, and has been a breath of fresh air in a show that can often be quite dark.

Tony is another clone who – to our knowledge – is still knocking about, but hasn’t been involved in the plotline at all, as Sarah and Felix decided it was best if he was kept out of the loop. Of course, it’s a little difficult to be kept out of the loop when you were literally created for the purpose of scientific experimentation.

How much of these clones will we be seeing in the new season? And what role – if any – will they play?


4. Will we see Mark and Gracie again?

Season three was all about the Castor clones, and ended with most of them dead, save for Ira and Mark. John Fawcett has hinted in the past that we might be seeing some tie-ins with the Castor clones again. Whether this was just a reference to the appearance of Ira, or more, is yet to be seen. It would be great to find out what happened to Mark and Gracie, and have the Castor storyline tie-up better with the Leda plot.


5. What’s the deal with Kira?

image: sciencevshollywood

I think this is the question that we’ve all been asking since the end of season one. What the hell is up with Kira? She gets run over by a car, and has no internal injuries. Even the doctors are confounded. She constantly has feelings about Sarah’s sisters – even the ones that she apparently doesn’t know. She just knows how they feel somehow. She totally spaces out sometimes, and it’s goddamn creepy, if I’m perfectly honest. Then there was the time when Sarah was in the Castor camp, under lock and key, and she had a weird vision of Kira leading her through the camp.

We all know at this stage that there is something about Kira biologically – especially since Sarah is immune and special, and able to have children. But the possible biological anomaly doesn’t really explain the psychological connections that Kira seems to have with Sarah’s sisters.


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