Official Trailer No. 2 For The Lighthouse Is Confusingly Terrifying

What? What? What? What?

A24 has just released the second official trailer for Robert Eggers’ The Lighthouse, and it is just as weird and creepy as the first. Willem Dafoe looks stark, raving mad, and while Robert Pattinson’s character appears to be the saner one, he does indulge Dafoe’s character in a dialogue merely comprising of the word “What”, which will leave you scratching your head and saying “What?” under your breath. There is also the image of Dafoe carrying an axe and running like a mad man – so that’s something to look forward to.

While there isn’t much clarity as to what exactly the film is about, the various lines from the critics that inundate the trailer does help in giving us some perspective. The A.V Club calls it “a lunatic dark comedy of cabin fever and machismo” and The Playlist adds on to this machismo label by calling the movie a display of “Robert Pattison vs Willem Dafoe”.

This offers much contrast to Eggers’ previous effort The Witch, which was more of a look at feminine spaces and sexuality. As always, isolation plays a key part in the horror of his work, with Dafoe and Pattinson’s characters driven to paranoia and lunacy because of how distant they are from society and civilisation. Will this be a simple man vs man situation, or will the mystical aspects of the light of the lighthouse come into play? Guess we will have to wait till October 18th, 2019 to find out.

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