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Not for the first time in the build-up to next-gen, Ubisoft recently kicked up a storm by releasing a list of their games that wouldn’t be compatible with the PlayStation 5, sending everyone a little bit crazy. It wasn’t long until they removed the article with more clarity to come down the line.

Now, with Digital Foundry having had hands on with the games on the PS5, it turns out that those games are in fact compatible with the console via backwards compatibility, despite what Ubisoft had earlier suggested.

Check out the coverage above, in which Digital Foundry note they haven’t had issues.


So What’s Happened Here Then?

Far Cry 6

The likeliest thing is just a little bit of internal miscommunication and confusion within Ubisoft — and perhaps with Sony, too. Rich Leadbetter and John Linneman of Digital Foundry feel Ubisoft may have been referring to earlier versions of these games unpatched, rather than the states they are in now.

This is the latest example of Ubisoft not really communicating properly when it comes to next-gen, which all started with Far Cry 6’s reveal.

Digital Foundry did, however, note that a lot of games when tested with backwards compatibility have a warning message about potential errors, including some pretty new games, though they have yet to experience anything particularly detrimental, apart from frame dips and some lacking filtering.

“You might experience unexpected behavior while playing this PS4 game on your PS5 console.”

It seems that this message is just a catch-all disclaimer for PS4 games on PS5, just in case there are any errors that might not have been caught in testing.

The whole video is genuinely worth watching, particularly just how good Killzone: Shadow Fall looks while running on a PS5 at 60fps — it wouldn’t look out of place in the new console’s line-up. Sadly, and this might hurt a lot for Souls fans, Bloodborne will still be 30fps (on a good day) on PS5, though that has more to do with the architecture of the game itself other than the hardware.


Which Games Were Supposed To Be Affected?

Bridge Crew

The affected games were mainly Assassin’s Creed titles, though two VR games, Werewolves Within and Star Trek: Bridge Crew were also included on the initial list:

– Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate
– Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles Trilogy Pack
– Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles India
– Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles China
– Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles Russia
– Risk
– Star Trek: Bridge Crew
– Werewolves Within
– Space Junkies

Sony have yet to add any other PS4 games to their list of games that won’t work on PS5. So, when everything’s said and done, it looks like Just Deal With It! will be the one true PS4 exclusive after all.

The PlayStation 5 launches November 12th and November 19th depending on your region.

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