New Mortal Kombat 11 Character Cetrion Revealed

Bow before a new Elder God.

Mortal Kombat 11

Game Informer, you jammy devils. Over the next month, they’ll be exclusively revealing new content and information for Mortal Kombat 11, and they’ve decided to kick things off with the reveal of a completely new playable character. Enter Cetrion, an Elder God, who can be seen in the trailer below.

Cetrion, like many in the YouTube comments and online have pointed out, looks a lot more like an Injustice character rather than a Mortal Kombat character, but in a lot of ways, that variation only serves to make Cetrion seem more special; more unique than other characters on the roster.

As for her gameplay, Cetrion looks like a really good zoning character, which is probably why so many Mortal Kombat characters have a teleport. You need to have some way of getting in to do damage when your opponent can just launch rocks at your head from full screen. What are your thoughts on Cetrion? Let us know in the comments below.

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