New Days Gone Gameplay Revealed At E3 2017

Another action-packed trailer for Days Gone.


After a long wait, we finally have another look at Bend Studio’s Days Gone.

Showing the game’s driving, the trailer focused on Deacon St. John driving before getting attacked by Freakers and then bandits. He, um, fucked them up.

The game showed off Deacon’s “senses”, much like The Witcher, before he travelled through a forest and was attacked again. Oh, Deacon.

Deacon then arrived at the bandit camp before silently taking down a couple of its guards with melee and traps. Thanks to the latter, freakers assaulted the camp, which allowed Deacon to get away before coming across yet more of the not-zombies.


Sneaking away, Deacon came across another encampment before setting some explosives to, again, overwhelm the bandits with Freakers.

We then go to a cutscene, in which Deacon drops an assailant and saves his friend, Manny.

All is well, until a mutant dog/bear thing turns up and makes everything a little bit not cool.

No release date announced just yet.


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